Water Purifier

Sushinewater Water Purifier is Los Angeles most eco-friendly, green solution to high quality drinking water. Get the convenience of bottled water delivery without the wasteful bottles and the hassle of scheduling deliveries with Bottle-Free Water. Not to mention, much easier on your wallet than buying expensive and heavy cases of water. It is simple to connect your home's tap of water with the Water Purifier, to give your home or office an endless supply of cold, delicious drinking mineral water.

  • The endless supply of drinking mineral water will ensure that you never have to store and then lift heavy 5 gallon bottles
  • No more waiting on a delivery man to bring you water
  • Receive one predictable monthly invoice
  • Do your part in saving the environment by keeping wasteful plastic out of our landfills

 Sushinewater Water Purifier is Energy Star certified Bottle-Free. The convenient and reliable Water Purifier can stay our family healthy with its clean and healthy mineral water unlimited. The modern design of product that aims for public masterpiece will elevate the class of a dining room. 

  • 4 stages Filtration System
  1. Stage1: Sediment Filter - Removes sediment particles such as dust and sand etc.
  2. Stage2: Pre-Carbon Filter - Removes harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing materials, synthetic insecticide and chlorine.
  3. Stage3: U/F Membrane Filter - Removes minute harmful chemicals more than 0.01 micron such as bacteria, virus etc.
  4. Stage4: Post-Carbon Filter - Removes harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing materials, synthetic insecticide and chlorine.
  • Hot/Cold Water Purifier Features
  1. Cooling System - Stainless steel(STS 304) cold water tank, thermostatically controlled to 4°C ~ 12°C (39°F ~ 54°F).
  2. Heating System - Stainless steel(STS 304) hot water tank, bimetal temperature controlled to 75°C ~ 90°C (167°F ~ 194°F).
  3. Material of Side Panels - EGI Steel
  4. Material of Front Panel - ABS
  5. Quiet, air cooled static type condenser, no fan required.
  6. Protected against motor overload
  7. Environmentally friendly R-134a CFC free refrigerant