Carbon Filter

Filter           Filter
Price: $25.00
 Pre-Carbon Filter  General Periodic Replacement –   8~12 months (5 Gal / Day)
Post-Carbon Filter  General Periodic Replacement –   16~18 months (5 Gal / Day)

  • Removing harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing materials, synthetic insecticide and chlorine.
  • Stable even for rapid change in water quality due to high absorption layer and long contact hours.
  •  Wide range of absorption materials due to the application of compound carbon.
  • Wide range for selection for absorption materials compared to other filters.
  • Carbonization and intensive activation of carbon substance or substance that contains carbon substance.
  • Structure after activation shows well-developed minute stomata connecting to passage and carbon filter is non-polar characterized, adsorption agent with undefined formation allowing wide internal contact area.
  • Carbon has physical and chemical attraction to particles in the form of gas or liquid around it and the degree O2 attraction is different depending on the structure and size of particle of object material. Therefore, mixed substances are eliminated based on the principle of such operation.